Turkish Airlines DUB-IST-DUB Business Class Experience

February 27, 2017
by John Gray, Business Travel Consultant

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Date travelled outbound 25/11/2016
Date travelled inbound 01/12/2016

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.17.47On a recent trip to Istanbul, I was fortunate to experience Turkish Airlines Business Class Cabin on the popular Istanbul Dublin route.
This business class service was based on Turkish Airlines most modern next generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Flying time from Dublin to Istanbul is approximately 4 hours 25 minutes and 4 hours 50 minutes depending on direction.

Once I checked-in at Dublin Airport Terminal 1 was complete, I was issued with my business class boarding pass and availed of Fast Track Security. I was able to use the DAA Executive Lounge, which is conveniently located beside security duty free and my departure gate – very handy indeed! Holding a business class ticket I was able to board the aircraft first with priority boarding.

Greeted on board by the Turkish Airline staff I was shown to my seat and offered a pre-departure welcome drink – my first taste of Turkish hospitality and I could tell that my journey was going to be a unique one from here on in!

The business class seating itself is extremely impressive. It’s a bespoke business class cabin not your normal economy seats. These are very comfortable leather business class seats in a 2-2 configuration with electronic recline and footrest. There were 16 seats in total. Seat pitch is a generous 43″ in fact the all important space between seats is such that if you are in an aisle seat you do not need to get out of your seat should the passenger in the window seat needs to get past you. The seat arm rest contains a meal tray and TV screen for in flight entertainment, movies, TV and music.

Once in the air, the cabin crew present you with a welcome hot towel, which is very refreshing and a nice touch! At this time they also take your meal and beverage order.
I found it difficult to decide what I would like to eat – not a predicament I have been in before when flying. You will understand what I mean when you see the menu (which I had to share with you)!

The food was delicious and the service was first class – from the attentive cabin crew to the onboad chef.

Turkish Airlines Menu

By the time I had ate my meal and browsed through the in-flight and duty free magazine, watched some inflight Entertainment and a quick nap, we were approaching Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Upon arrival at IST business class passengers were first to exit the aircraft, allowing me to speedily continue my onward journey, this is also good for passengers which have flight connections and to clear immigration. Business class passenger’s baggage are also the first off the aircraft and transported onto the baggage carousel with bags clearly marked with ‘Turkish Airlines priority baggage’ tags.

Having had a first class experience on my outbound journey I had no fear for the return journey – and I was right, truly wonderful experience.

The Turkish Airlines lounge at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport is spectacular. The lounge is huge nearly 6,000 meters square and split over two floors. I have to admit…I did lose my bearings at first due to the size of the lounge. The lounge offers an array of facilities, products and services including;

  • a range of tasty fresh hot food
  • various hot and cold refreshment
  • free wifi
  • 8 x Apple Macs
  • meeting rooms
  • showers
  • massages
  • huge media TV wall
  • library
  • billiards room
  • small cinema (I watched Coldplay live in concert when I was there and munched on lots of popcorn)
  • 2x PlayStations
  • Golf sim
  • Scaletrix race set
  • children’s play area
  • comfortable seating for around 1000 passengers

The lounge is so impressive – if I were to travel in first class again I would arrive at IST as early as possible to make the most of the lounge experience.

Overall this is an outstanding Business Class service from Turkish Airlines and both flights arrived in Istanbul and Dublin precisely on time.

There are some competitive business class fares with Turkish Airlines available to Eastern Europe and beyond. I would have no hesitation in recommending this Turkish Airlines Business class product to our passengers.

If you have and questions about my Turkish Airlines experience then please do not hesitate to speak to me!

Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 Dublin Istanbul Dublin. Turkish Airlines Flying Chef is available to assist with the preparation and presentation of your inflight meal
Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 737-800 Dublin Istanbul Dublin.
Turkish Airlines Flying Chef is available to assist with the preparation and presentation of your inflight meal




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