Out of Hours Team Bonding Day at Escape Rooms Belfast

March 7, 2017
by World Travel Centre Group


Find out from the Out of Hours team about their recent team bonding experience at the Escape Rooms Belfast.


„We all went in and divided into our own smaller groups thinking we would get it done quicker but eventually discovered we had to work together as a whole group to complete some tasks as we were able to all have an input in to the solution.  The tasks also proved we have to think ‘outside the box’.  We can relate to this in our current roles for Out of Hours and the office.“

Sean McIlkenny

„We entered the rooms through a small corridor which provided a challenge in itself thanks to a tricky puzzle. Once inside we initially split into two groups to try and get as much done as possible due to the time constraints….it quickly became apparent that 5 minds were better than 2/3! Once we all focused on one puzzle at a time with each person bringing their own insights it helped us achieve the results we were looking for and enabled us to crack various codes and puzzles.

It was very encouraging to see my teammates viewing each problem in their own way and helping us to achieve our goals, it really emphasises the point that not everyone thinks the same but sometimes the solution is a combination of things best achieved when we all work together, a valuable lesson.

It felt great to get to the final stage and complete the last puzzle to rescue Alice and “escape”…id highly recommend this, good fun, close to the office, a really friendly staff member who explained everything and helped us throughout.“

Mark Doak

„Well of course it was great craic! It was a bit daunting when we first went in as we didn’t know where to start. But once we discovered what to do and in what order we were grand. I found it really interesting how each person reacted. How at first we split up into groups as we thought that would be quicker but we didn’t realise that some things connected within the room, so we had to communicate with each other.

This is probably me being… me but I noticed how Mark was a wizz kid at numbers! How competitive John B was (as he was keeping an eye on the time and didn’t want to get beat!) How Sean stood back and observed before saying anything (he’s a wee thinker) John G was just totally engrossed in it and you could see he loved the challenge & I realised that sometimes I just have to ask for help when I’m stuck (I can’t always be in control! otherwise I would’ve been there all day!)

It’s a great way to work on team building and you realise what peoples strengths are which is great for our job roles too. Brilliant fun along with working the old brain cells too, everyone sees thing differently.“

Lesley Stewart

„This was a great experience JB, with well thought out puzzles to solve, the nature of these puzzles and the small environment in which the puzzles are set
ensured communication and cooperation between the team
and working together we managed to ‘Escape’ in 49 minutes and 50 seconds.“

John Gray

„Overall I thought it was a great team building exercise.  From the start everyone wanted to succeed and beat the time constraint so people started splitting up to try and get task done individually or in smaller groups of 2 and 3.  We soon realised that focusing on one task at a time and using all the different qualities and strengths within the team we would get through all the different tasks and challenges much quicker.  The puzzles were a great variety and it was great to see the different personalities were some people liked to go full throttle into the puzzle whilst others stood back and observed and came up with the missing pieces, this was great teamwork and got us out in under the 50 minute mark which was very good for a first attempt.  I think this is was a great reflection on the OOH team because we are mostly working alone, with time constrains sometimes in emergency situations with customers on the phone so we will try and solve and issues we come across ourselves then when we get stuck on something we fall back on the rest of the team and with the knowledge throughout our team we normally have at least one person who knows the answer.“

John Boyde

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